America's Hardcore - Compilation - LP

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America's Hardcore LP on Triple-B Records. 


Transparent blue with red mix color vinyl, very lightly played if ever played and is in near mint condition.  Jacket has slight crease along the back and the full size booklet is in near mint condition.  Part of 1st pressing, limited to 450 copies and is out of print.

Track List:

Free Spirit - Everybody Else    
Foundation - Devotion    
Backtrack - Soul Sucker    
Eightfifteen - Disconnect    
Violent Side - All For All    
Rotting Out - Happy At Home    
Bitter End - Disguised    
Wolf Whistle - Ma Glory    
Cruel Hand - Intro/Face To Face    
Fire & Ice - Half Empty    
Thought Crusade - No Remorse    
Power Trip - Hammer Of Doubt    
The Rival Mob - Nice Try    
Title Fight - Dreamcatchers